About Air Miles Expert


Our site is designed to bring you all the latest information and advice on the world of frequent flyer air miles. We are adding new airlines and route every week.

By using your miles wisely, you can save yourself thousands on the cost of flights every year, upgrade into luxury and, if you have good 'tier' status too, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it, such as lounge access and priority check-in.

We are adding new routes, airlines and loyalty programs all the time so keep checking back.


How to use the search function

Our unique search engine scans thousands of flights options across the world’s airlines and frequent flyer programs to advise you how best to use your air miles. There are millions of combinations and our filter cuts down the hours of research it takes you to plan a journey to a few simple options. Just enter either the number of miles you want to spend, or a range, plus any of the following:

Airline name – straightforward enough. Select the airline you want to fly with or leave blank if unsure. Some alliance programs that cover a range of airlines are also an option (e.g. Star Alliance which has over 25 airlines as members).

Frequent flyer program – this is the loyalty program that each airline offers and will correspond to the miles that you enter on the search engine.

From/To – enter your country of origin and/or destination so we know what leg you want to use your miles on. Alternatively leave one or both boxes blank and we’ll give you options. The system searches by country, but sometimes different cities within the same country require different amounts of points. In that case we will let you know in the 'Description' box.

Class – Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First, pick which one you want to fly. If you want to upgrade, select the class you plan on buying and we’ll tell you how many miles it costs to upgrade to the cabin classes above. Some airlines offer these classes by a different name, or extra classes, so we’ll highlight this in your search results too.

Type – this is where you decided whether you want to use miles to simply buy a flight using miles (you will probably have to pay taxes on top though), or to upgrade from one class to another. If you want to search both options, just leave this blank.


Three top tips for using your miles:

1 - Consider upgrades rather than purchasing flights, you'll usually get more 'bang for your bucks'

2 - Don't confuse miles or points with tier status. Miles and points can be used to buy or upgrade flights whereas tier points tend to be more relevant for benefits like lounge access

3 - Be aware of airline alliances and partnership. Your miles with one airline can be used with both their airline alliance partners but also with their individual airline partners. It is usually best to select just one airline from each of the major airline partnerships (Oneworld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam), which should usually be the airline in that alliance that you fly with the most.


Look out for our knowledge section, coming soon, where we will go into more detail. Complex info explained simply!