Making the most of your miles

How does Air Miles Expert work?


The world of frequent flyer air miles is complex and can take hours of research to work out how to use miles for just one airline.

Air Miles Expert works by matching your miles to airlines and destinations to show you how you can spend them. You can enter any combination of destination, frequent flyer program, airline and the number of miles you have available to spend and we will tell you how you can use them.

You can also see how much it will 'cost' (in miles) to purchase a flight with miles or to upgrade with miles. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find all the latest news, special deals and reviews.

We also have tips and info on why you should join a program, how to pick one and how best to earn and use your miles.

For a full explanation on how to search our system, please visit About Air Miles Expert.



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