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American Airlines removes oversized bag fees

American Airlines has announced changes to its policies regarding oversized sports and music equipment. American is eliminating oversized bag fees for common sports and music equipment, effective for travel on or after May 21. However, there is still a maximum allowable size.

Key information:

  • American is eliminating the charge for common oversize sports and music equipment — up to the maximum size it will accept for these items. The change is effective for travel on or after May 21.
  • American will accept these oversize items as a standard checked bag without an additional oversize charge.
  • The checked oversize bag counts toward a customer’s normal baggage allowance. For example, customers traveling within the United States, who used to pay $150 to check one oversize item such as a surfboard, will now pay $30 — the cost of a standard first bag — if the weight is less than 50 lbs. Customers traveling with skis or a snowboard will now be able to check in an equipment bag with the skis or snowboard as one bag (up to 50 lbs./62 in.).
  • Due to special handling requirements, oversize items such as antlers, hang gliders, scuba tanks and kite/windsurfing items will continue to incur a flat $150 fee.