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New SAS Airbus A320neo on short and medium haul trips

Scandinavian Airlines' (SAS) new aircraft, Airbus A320neo has made its debut with a new-look cabin that will be rolled out across the entire SAS fleet of short and medium haul planes. The A320neo is 15% more fuel efficient than the current A320. 

SAS will offer an additional 30 modern, more fuel efficient A320neo aircraft with lower noise levels, new cabins in the entire fleet and, according to SAS, the fastest WiFi on the market. SAS say the cabin includes new and more comfortable Recaro seats and a new design, plus USB charging ports in all seats and Airbus mood light, lighting that is regulated in line with the time of day. In addition to 30 new A320neos, all existing cabins will also be upgraded between 2017 and mid 2019, including WiFi and cabin upgrades.

The first aircraft with high speed WiFi, that is enabled by ViaSat satellite technology, will arrive in the second half of 2017. Onboard WiFi will be free on short haul flights for all SAS EuroBonus members and SAS Plus ticket holders. You can also become a member onboard.

About the Airbus A320neo

  • 15% more fuel efficient compared to the current A320 (A320ceo)
  • 50% reduced noise level
  • Range 4,600 km
  • Number of seats – 174
  • Length 37.6 m
  • Wingspan 35.8 m
  • Height 11.8 m
  • Seat pitch 30”
  • Seat recline 3”
  • Engine – CFM LEAP1A
  • Fuel consumption 0.025 litre per seat/km